Stonewalk as
Lervejdal 14, Addit
DK-8740 Brædstrup
Ormslevbakken 5
DK-8260 Viby J.
Tel.: +45 7566 2400
Fax: +45 8652 2452
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Company information



Stonewalk as is a family-owned Danish limited liability company. The company is run by the second generation of owners and is currently undergoing exciting restructuring.

Stonewalk’s official and physical address is in Addit, which is also the site of a large production facility for materials for industrial applications. This is also the location of our Stone lab, where you can prepare your own mixes.


 Company information  

 Stonewalk as
 Lervejdal 14, Addit
 DK-8740 Brædstrup

Cvr: 21 03 19 76

 Tel. +45 7566 2400 
 Fax +45 8652 2452
Jesper Aabenhus Rasmussen


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 Board of Directors

 Claus Hove Sørensen
 Flemming Kok, Chairman
 Hans Damgaard